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About Us

Who are we?

Exceptional Mastering is a hi-end mastering studio which offers premium quality mastering services to everyone around the world at reasonable rates. Whether you are an artist, a producer, a recording studio or a record label Exceptional Mastering can elevate your music material to the highest level, ready for duplication, online distribution or radio broadcasting. We have experience in mastering a wide variety of music styles and what we have learned from our experience is that every record needs different treatment in order to keep and enhance each artist's personal style and authenticity.

We use the latest technologies and techniques in both analog and digital domain to offer excellent results!

Who is your Mastering Engineer?

Antonis Tzortzis is the Chief Mastering Engineer and founder of Exceptional Mastering.
He runs this business since 2013 but has worked as an audio engineer professionally since 2008 when he graduaded from University of Westminster(London, UK) with a Masters Degree in Audio Production.
Before that time period he had studied music (Diploma in clasical guitar, Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue and Orchestration) and Music Technology.
He also owns a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.
From the early days he was working on music production, he was always interested in improving other people's mixes and that in the end became his passion.
He has mastered over 4000 songs and he is collaborating with various producers and engineers, Major and Indie labels and Artists.
He lives in Athens (Greece) and has participated in many gold and platinum releases.
The main purpose of this website is to get in touch and work together with new people with a passion for music!

Please feel free to contact us with any question about our services.

We look forward to working with you!

Our Clients

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Listen to Samples of our Work

These samples of music are only used in this playlist to show the mastering work we have done for these artists. Both "Before" and "After" samples have been normalised at lower volumes in order to have similar Loudness. The original master is louder but at this point equal loudness presents in a better way the before - after differences.

Services & Pricing

Exceptional mastering offers two different services:



Mastering is our main service. We make your tracks ready for online distribution, duplication or radio/tv broadcasting.
We offer two extra revisions without extra charge.
We provide you the final master of each track in the following three formats:
HQ Audio File, CD standard Audio File, Hi Quality MP3 file.

Our Rates

1 song/track(track length up to 10 min): 40€

2 songs/tracks: 70€

3 songs/tracks: 100€

30€ for each extra song

(For example a full 12 track album costs 370€. 100€ for the first 3 tracks plus 30*9=270€ for the rest 9 tracks)

I accept payments through Paypal and cryptocurrencies (contact me for other payment methods).
You have to pay the whole amount in advance.
In case of a full album, I can send you a free one minute sample of work.

*>VAT(where applicable) is excluded from the above prices.


Check mix is a complimentary service provided for free along with our mastering services.
This service is especially useful for amateur producers/engineers and bedroom musicians who are not sure about the quality of their mixes.
You send your mixes, we carefully hear them and we suggest to you corrections that help to improve the sonics of your mix.


Please send us your track/tracks to this email:

Before Uploading please read carefully our PDF guide


It’s nearly impossible to be objective about your work. When you play, record and mix music you become so familiar with it, so that it would be extremely difficult to accurately judge it at the final stage where critical decisions should be taken. Furthermore, the combination of the proper room acoustics and monitoring system of a mastering studio in conjuction with the experience of the mastering engineer prevents significant mistakes that occur when trying to master on a inapropriate enviroment. This is very important for the translation of your music in different sound systems in real world situations.

We offer a complete service to make your tracks ready for duplication, online distribution or radio broadcasting. This includes the main mastering process, two revisions and digital delivery in HQ Audio File, CD standard Audio File and Hi Quality MP3 file formats. In case of a full album for cd duplication, we make the DDP image free of charge. Furthermore, we offer for free the CHECK MIX service. This service is useful for amateur producers/engineers and bedroom musicians who are not sure about the quality of their mixes.

Absolutely! A lot of people have a disbelief about online audio services quality compared to real world services. Although Exceptional Mastering is a new online business, our mastering engineer has a great experience in the field, offering high quality masters for major, indie labels, studios and individuals at his region. We ensure you that the procedures we follow in our online service is exactly the same as
in the “real world” service.

Our online services does not include attended sessions, so we can manage our time in a more flexible timetable and that save us time! That’s all! We believe that we offer the most competitive quality/price package deal. Of course, here at Exceptional Mastering our main goal is to always provide the highest quality audio mastering with no compromises!

Our studio consists of a state-of-art control room, designed and constructed by Bogdan Valceanov. We use a full range custom monitoring system from Opera Speaker powered with Bryston amplifiers and Straightwire Cresento cables. As a second pair (nearfield) we use a pair of PMC TB2s aII speakers. For conversion we use Mytek 192 da for monitoring and Prism Lyra for the analog chain loop. Analog equipment: Tubetech SM2B multiband compressor, Neve 8803 EQ, TSAKALIS Audioworks Bus Compressor with custom transformers). DAW: Steinberg Wavelab 11, Steinberg Cubase 12, Harisson Mixbus v7. We use also carefully selected plugins from FabFilter, Eventide, SoundToys, Slate Digital, DMG Audio, Sonnox, Acustica Audio, Oek Sound, Izotope, A.O.M, XLN Audio, Antares.

We know how important for you is to get your masters as soon as possible. For that reason we have a strict policy for our turnaround time (please note that this is only for digital delivery, normal post takes longer).For individual songs turnaround time is 2 working days while for an album it is a week. This is the minimum time we need in order to achieve the best quality results. Every song/project requires different handling and time. Some songs may be mastered relatively quickly but others needs several hours to perfect.

If you are an amateur engineer or working in an improper enviroment we can provide useful feedback for your mixes absolutely free with our “MIX CHECK” service. In that way you have the opportunity to improve your stuff. We believe that mastering is the final touch in the production stage that can enhance and polish your material,
rather than being a repair process. Nevertheless, in our process we use special techniques that can really correct many faults and improve dramatically the given material, but the notion “they will fix it on the mastering” is completely wrong.A good mix will become a great master, while a poor mix will become just an acceptable master.
So, in order to get the best out of us, provide us the best mixes you can!

Exceptional Mastering work is a prepaid service. We receive payment via Paypal. If for any reason you cannot use Paypal in your region you can pay us via Western Union

You can upload your tracks through the ftp service of your choice (wetransfer,pcloud, etc.) at info@exceptionalmastering.com. When we finish our work , you will receive a link to download your finished tracks. So simple!

What we need from you is to send us your tracks at the best possible resolution you can. The sampling rate should be 44.1 kHz or higher.
For extra tips, please read carefully our PDF guide

Contact Us

Email : info@exceptionalmastering.com
Telephone : +306972304810
WhatsApp Link & QR CODE :


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